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Litigation results include:
  • A confidential seven-figure settlement arising from surgery on a young girl that went terribly.
  • A confidential mid-six-figure settlement of a case pending in Federal Court arising from a serious crash in which Eric's client suffered life-changing fractures.
  • A six-figure settlement of a case pending in Baltimore City Circuit Court for a woman who was struck in the head by a patron with a beer bottle.
  • A settlement for the maximum available insurance funds for a client who was cycling in Virginia when struck by a small SUV.
  • A settlement for the maximum available insurance funds for a client who was rammed from behind with such force that, despite wearing a seatbelt, her chest smashed into her steering wheel.
  • Eric was part of a team of three lawyers who secured a 1.3 million dollar jury verdict in the Prince George's County Circuit Court arising from a fire that had caused massive property damage. That jury verdict was appealed twice by the losing defendant and upheld by both the Maryland Court of Special Appeals and the Maryland Court of Appeals (essentially, Maryland's Supreme Court).
  • A confidential seven-figure settlement after fully litigating a case for the surviving spouse and children of a man who died of a disease that was not discovered by a hospital’s emergency room.
  • A $500,000 settlement after fully litigating a case for a man struck by a mechanical lift attached to the back of a truck.
  • A jury verdict against Allstate Insurance Company of over $230,000. Before trial, Eric demanded that Allstate pay its insured, his client, its available $80,000 policy limit in a case in which she was struck by an underinsured driver in a crosswalk and suffered an inoperable, life changing, shoulder fracture. Allstate’s top offer was $60,000. Thus, Eric tried this case to a jury over the $20,000 difference.
  • A confidential settlement after fully litigating the damages claim of a survivor of the Metro Red Line train crash.
  • A confidential settlement after fully litigating a sexual assault/rape arising from a hotel patron who was drugged and raped in her room after one of the perpetrators got the incapacitated victim’s room key from the front desk staff.
  • A confidential settlement after fully litigating the case of a resident of an apartment complex who was raped when the perpetrator broke into her apartment at night through the apartment’s door. The crime statistics for the apartment complex were astonishing, particularly when compared to the lack of security guards at the complex.
  • A confidential settlement for a client whose new portable generator leaked gas that caused an explosion in his face. The insurance company for the generator manufacturer assigned a lawyer to the case in its early stages, before a lawsuit was filed. Eric worked with this lawyer, provided him all of his client’s medical bills and reports, and allowed his client to be “deposed” (questioned by this lawyer under oath with a court reporter taking down the questions and answers) in exchange for a promise that after the deposition, good faith negotiations would occur and, if a settlement was not reached and a lawsuit filed, there would be no additional depositions of the client unless the client made new injury claims. This approach succeeded as the case settled without a lawsuit.
  • A DC Superior Court jury verdict in a car accident case of double the insurance company’s best offer.
  • A six-figure settlement of a truck accident case.
  • A six-figure settlement of a traumatic brain injury case.
  • Winning a week-long jury trial in the Montgomery County Circuit Court regarding a complicated multi-vehicle series of Beltway collisions that was tried on only the issues of liability (fault). This led to a settlement of the damages portion of the case for the maximum amount of insurance money available for Eric’s client, who was badly injured.
  • Winning a week-long jury trial in the Howard County Circuit Court that concerned a fire at townhouse caused by negligent construction.
Client Reviews
"Eric did a great job preparing me for trial. This really hit home when the defense attorney cross-examined me. I felt like Eric had given me his playbook. Eric’s opening statement gave the Judge a nice preview of the case and his closing argument just nailed it. The Judge paid careful attention and included a fair amount in his decision. I highly recommend Eric Stravitz!" Brett Bradford
"Eric, Thank you so much for all of your work on my case. I am very pleased with the arbitration result and can't thank you enough. I plan on recommending you to everyone I know! Take care." Heather W.
"Dear Eric, It has been a pleasure being your client. I really appreciate your patience and willingness to explain complicated legal jargon in layman's terms. May you both have continued success always." Corenthia P.