Fires / Explosions

Fires and explosions are often due to negligence or product failures. Eric has worked as local counsel on hundreds of cases involving fires or explosions. These cases can become extremely complicated and expensive. In one such case, Eric worked as lead counsel with a colleague on a Maryland house fire case. They proved during a week-long Maryland jury trial that, while nailing in siding, a contractor missed a stud (wood beam) and sent his nail into a cable causing a short circuit that resulted in a house fire that took place several years later. The fire injured a visitor to the home and ruined or destroyed many of the homeowners’ possessions, which were uninsured. Eric was able to get the person who was injured a fair jury verdict and the homeowners a fair amount to reimburse them for their possessions. Recently, Eric handled a case involving a portable generator. The generator leaked gasoline. This lead to an explosion. Eric attended a scene inspection and defended the deposition of his client, who suffered facial burns in the explosion. He then sent a demand package to the attorney representing the manufacturer of the generator. Eric then negotiated a settlement with that lawyer without having to file a lawsuit. Eric also litigated a spa tub fire case that resulted in a settlement at a pre-trial conference after numerous depositions were taken and motions were filed.

These cases often require testimony from fire cause and origin experts to determine the origin of the fire. They may also require testimony from mechanical or electrical engineers to prove the cause of the fire. Further, time is often of the essence because wise plaintiff’s counsel will want to have an inspection of the scene conducted as soon as possible after the explosion or fire. If you hire a lawyer to represent you for harm caused by a fire or explosion, you should consider hiring someone with experience litigating these types of cases. Because of his experience, Eric can access better qualified experts and be better prepared for the inevitable defense arguments and tactics.

Over twenty lawyers at one of the best law firms in the country at pursuing fire loss cases routinely use Eric to serve as their local counsel in cases arising from fires and explosions in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

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