Client Bill of Rights

You have the right...

  1. a free initial consultation about your case.
  2. contact an attorney before settling or even speaking with an insurance company.
  3. a fair and honest evaluation of your case.
  4. be treated with respect and dignity.
  5. have your calls returned promptly.
  6. ...if we take your case, to aggressive legal representation.
  7. certain situations, to be compensated for:
    • past medical bills
    • future medical bills
    • permanent impairment
    • human losses (pain and suffering)
    • lost wages
    • cosmetic disfigurement
    • loss of consortium (diminished marital relations)
    • loss of enjoyment of life, and
    • other damages

  8. see a doctor of your choice to have your injuries evaluated and treated.
  9. be informed about any settlement offers in your case.
  10. refuse to settle and take your case to trial.
  11. certain situations, to a rental vehicle if your vehicle is damaged from an accident.


We never forget that our clients choose to be our clients. Our goal is to always honor that choice.